Wordpress Security: You Can Learn It Fast

It's also important to change admin username and your password if you are helped by someone with your site and needs admin username and your password to login to perform the work. After all the work is complete, IMMEDIATELY change your password and admin username. Someone in their business might not be if the man is trustworthy. Better to be safe than sorry!

I back my blogs regularly using a free plugin WP DB Backup up. I will always restore my blog if anything happens. I use WP Security Scan free plugin to scan my blog regularly and asks that are suspicious-looking to be blocked by WordPress Firewall to fix wordpress malware protection.

Everything you've worked for will go with this should the server of your site go down. You'll make no sales, get no traffic or signups to your website, until you have the site back up 32, and in short, you are out of business.

This is very useful plugin, protecting you against brute-force password-crack attacks. It keeps track of the IP address of every failed login attempt. You can configure the plugin to disable login attempts when a certain number of failed attempts is reached.

Now we're getting into matters. You must rename it to config.php and modify the file config-sample.php, when you install WordPress. You need to set up the database facts there.

Oh . And by the way, I was talking about plugins. Make sure it's a safe one when you get a plugin. Do not install any plugin simply because the owner is saying that plugin will help you do this or that. Use like this perhaps, or a test blog to look at the plugin get a software engineer to analyze it. This way is not a threat for you or your organization.

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